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Why is polyester composite cord strap better than steel?

Nov. 08, 2017

1. Polyester composite cord strap is safe and secure loading.

Serious tension can be applied to polyester composite cord strap, but it won’t cause dangerous problems if it loosens. This lowers the risk of injuries – which for many of our customers is the most important reason to switch from steel to polyester composite cord strap.

Tensioning demonstrates another advantage of polyester composite cord strap. Steel requires two tools for this process and these are expensive to maintain because of metal on metal wear. Polyester composite cord strap can be applied with one tool that can last for many years. Making it easier to work with and faster to apply.

2. Polyester composite cord strap is as strong as steel and more elastic.

When polyester composite cord strap is used to bundle products together, there is a big difference in the behavior of polyester composite cord strap and steel. Steel has very little elasticity. This means that quite normal movements in transit, such as sudden lane changes or stops, can result in stretching. There can even be failure, as the crimp or seal of the steel strapping is much weaker than its linear strength. By contrast, polyester composite cord strap can move without deformation or permanent elongation and always holds a load firmly.


If you're thinking of converting from steel to polyester composite cord strap and have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us now! As a polyester composite cord strap manufacturer, we can supply high quality polyester composite cord strap for you.

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