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X&H strapping buckles can save cost for customer

Apr. 23, 2018

X&H strapping buckles include steel cross buckles, welded buckle, zigzag buckle and lashing buckles. Steel cross buckle is used as cord strap buckles. Lashing buckles are ladder buckles for heavy duty lashing strap. Forged lashing buckles are designed for heavy duty webbing cord strap, it is one way lashing buckle.

X&H lashing buckles are fully made through forging process and professional heat treatment which makes the buckle remain undamaged when the strap breaks. You can get higher tension force comparing to other welding buckles or unheattreated buckles. Our lashing buckle could be yellow bright or silver galvanized which is rust-resistant and weather-resistant. It saves cost for customer comparing ratchet tie down system.


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