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How to Identify the Quality of the Packing Belt?

May. 25, 2020

As a Cord Composite Strap Supplier, share with you. The quality of the packing belt is good or bad, depending on whether the purity of the polypropylene of the packing belt is high or not. At present, there are many kinds of packing belts on the market: pure polypropylene and polypropylene.

Cord Composite Strap

Cord Composite Strap

Packing belt

Add masterbatch, polypropylene plus recycled material, polypropylene plus recycled material and masterbatch. The packing belt made of pure polypropylene is fully transparent, the packing place produced by polypropylene plus masterbatch is translucent, the packing belt produced by polypropylene plus recycled material is basically opaque, and the packing belt produced by polypropylene plus masterbatch and recycled material Completely opaque. There is also a packing belt made of fully recycled material and calcium carbonate powder sandwich material. The packing belt produced by completely recycled material is relatively soft. Only the surface of the belt of the sandwich material is raw material, and the rest are calcium carbonate powder (lime powder). The quality of the strapping depends entirely on the purity of the polypropylene. The higher the purity of the polypropylene, the better the tension of the strapping.

Joint method of packing belt:

a) Hot melt lap joint. It adopts heating methods such as electrothermal welding, mechanical high-frequency oscillation welding and ultrasonic welding. The surface of the plastic belt is heated and melted, and the melting surfaces of the two belt ends are overlapped, and maintained under a certain pressure for a certain period of time, after the melting surface is condensed , The way of bonding the plastic tape connector. This joint method is suitable for polypropylene plastic tape, because if the polypropylene plastic tape is mechanically fixed with a metal buckle, its strength is only 50% of the base material, and the adhesive connection is also not suitable.

b) Iron button. This method is to use the unidirectional work of the ratchet of the tensioner to tension the belt, then place an iron buckle at the joint, and then use the clamp to wrap the iron buckle around the two layers of the belt, and the side teeth of the iron buckle are concave and convex Tooth shape, bite the strap not to loosen it. The iron buckle is usually made of galvanized iron skin, and the iron buckle of suitable specifications should be selected according to the type of strapping during operation.

c) Ligation. This type of joint is made of soft plastic rope, hemp rope, etc. as the binding material, and the joint is knotted. This kind of joint is not only firm and beautiful, but also easy to unlock.

The packing belt is made of PP and PET.

Main production process: plastic granule melting --- pressure belt ---- forming ---- cooling ----- winding-wrapping-packaging-in-warehouse packing belt adopts polypropylene through heating, melting and pulling The basic parameters that affect the quality of the strapping of the packaging material of the net structure produced by stretching and cooling are tension, length, curvature and elongation. In the case of the same tension and other parameters, the longer the length, the lower the cost.

The economic benefits of packing belts are available in a full range of varieties and colors

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