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What is the Difference Between Woven and Composite Strapping?

Jul. 14, 2020

As a Polyester Woven Lashing Strap Factory, share with you.

Poly Woven Strapping

Poly Woven Strapping

The two most popular types of belts used in the goods fixing industry are '' polywoven' and Composite. Both are excellent products for fixed cargo, but the difference between the two makes each more suitable for certain load applications.

Poly braid is made of polyester fibers woven together. Its strength comes from the way the fibers weave in multiple directions both horizontally and vertically. The composition of the polyvinylidene gives it flexibility while providing good tension under rigid loads. Woven materials make the belt slightly elongate, helping the belt absorb some of the shock and impact during transport while still maintaining its position.

The composite strap consists of multiple strands of polyester fibers, all of which are vertically propagated and coated together by transparent polypropylene. Polypropylene coatings increase their wear resistance, but still allow for slight elongation during transport. Because of its polypropylene coating, the composite strap is stronger than the polywoven strap. The stiffness of the composite strip makes it easy to feed under the pallet.

Braided and composite straps have different buckle and are designed for each type of strap. The difference lies in the surface treatment of the buckle. For braided belts, phosphate-coated wire clasps should be used. The phosphate coating on the buckle allows for greater friction against the woven material. If used with phosphate-coated wire fasteners, the strip will wear out due to friction between the buckle and the strip. Instead, for composite strapping, galvanized wire buckles should be used. The finish of the galvanized strap allows the composite strap to slip effortlessly onto the strap and to remain in place due to its stiffness. If the braid is used with a galvanized belt buckle, the belt may slip off the buckle as there is no friction between the buckle and the belt and the belt is held in place.

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