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What Should I do if the Cord Lashing Strap Slips During Use?

Sep. 12, 2020

As a Polyester Woven Lashing Strap Factory, share it with you. Lashing straps are favored by the packaging industry due to many reasons such as durability and affordable price. However, occasionally users and strapping tape manufacturers report that slipping occurs when some products are packaged. What is the reason?

We all know that skidding is due to reduced friction, so we should increase pressure as well. When we are loosening some things with straps, for example, when wood and mechanical packaging appear to be slipping, we can use pliers to close the smash, release the pressure to push the pliers to one side and smash the clip again. If the clip breaks flat, move to the next clip and shatter each clip off to prevent any loose tie straps. This situation occurs mainly because the joint is relatively loose. We should check first when we use it.

Cord Lashing Strap

Cord Lashing Strap

If there is a problem, we should not worry, first make sure that we are operating in accordance with the instructions, and then we can adjust appropriately according to the actual situation. If the problem cannot be solved, you can contact the manufacturer for professional technical treatment.

Problems that should be paid attention to when using strapping

Banding tape is a kind of packaging material commonly used at present. It has a wide range of applications and has many advantages. However, in order to better ensure the overall quality and use effect of the product, there are still some things we need to pay more attention to when using it.

First of all, it must be the selection of materials. The choice of strapping has a certain relationship with the items you want to pack. If the item is lighter, you can choose recycled material strapping, but if the item is heavier, Axiomtek recommends that you should use pure material strapping, because The tensile strength of pure material binding tape is higher.

The last is the bonding quality. The bonding quality mentioned here first refers to whether there is deviation, and the other refers to the sufficient degree of bonding. Both of these points determine the safety of the strapping, so users should pay special attention when using it.

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