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Do you know the Benefits Discussed of Composite Strapping?

Jun. 05, 2020

As a Polyester Cord Strapping Manufacturers, share with you.

Benefits discussed

Cord Polyester Woven Strap

Cord Polyester Woven Strap

1.Stronger than steel strapping, dimension for dimension

You can have the greatest band worldwide, however if you have a weak joint you still wind up with a weak system. Composite strapping does not depend on the tensioning device or the operator to reach its ideal ability. Therefore, composite strapping constantly gets to a consistent stamina. With steel strapping, the strength of your system depends upon the device and also the operator

2.Safe to utilize

Composite Strapping has a soft appearance as well as can not cause bodily harm. Steel strapping is sharp and recoils when reduced. This routinely causes injury. Compound strapping can be held while cutting the straps without any threat of being injured.


A full coil of composite strapping weighs approx. 10kg. Steel strapping evaluates 5 times extra for the exact same length.

4.Adapts item

Composite strapping slides around corners. Steel banding bends around corners. Composite strapping produces, for that reason, better-distributed stress around your item as well as conforms to any kind of form or shape

5.Does not damage ended up products

Composite strapping has a soft appearance. There is no threat of abrasion as with steel strapping. Commonly safety packaging made use of to safeguard your products against the steel strapping can be removed.

6.Does not rust or rot

Composite strapping does not corrosion. The fastening is galvanized and does not enter straight contact with your product. Steel strapping corrosions which can trigger damage to your product or weakening of the system.

7.Over-tensioning warning

Composite strapping is made in a way that the system shows you when you get to optimal stress. Upon closing of the buckle, you will certainly see the peeling of the layer in the buckle which is a sign that optimum stress is reached.


Composite strapping can be used as well as made use of in temperatures in between -30 ° as much as 140 ° levels. Climate does not impact the functionality of the composite strapping system.

9.Warmth resistant

Warmth is no worry for composite strapping. Only at temperature levels above 285 ° C will decomposition in the visibility of oxygen happen. Softening of composite strapping will occur at 125 ° C however has no adverse influence.

10.Chemical resistant

Composite strapping is compatible with many chemicals that were or are utilized in the wood industry.

11.Uses simple, low-cost, hand held device

Only calls for 1 tool. No different crimper or cutter like a lot of steel banding devices. There is marginal wear and tear because the composite strapping devices are made from steel and applied on a non-metallic strap.

12.High elongation recovery

Composite strapping is made of high tenacity polyester threads which imitate a really solid flexible material. It is capable of soaking up shocks throughout transport without prolongation. The memory capability of cordstrap is the greatest on the market.


It is feasible to reuse composite strapping materials. This provides considerable cost financial savings. Although that you always have to reduce the band, you can re-use the strap around a smaller package. If you leave a slightly longer tail, you can reuse it around a bundle with the exact same diameter.


Composite strapping is able to expand as well as compress with your item (e.g. hardwood). If the compression is more than the prolongation healing you are able to re-tension the strap. This contributes to cost-savings as there is no need for new banding.

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