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Industrial strapping includes: 
Composite cord strapping
Polyester woven lashing strap
Woven cord strapping
One way lashing strap
Hot melt cord strapping
PP strapping
PET strapping

Steel strapping

Different material and manufacturing technique will be different properties and applications, the breaking strength of PP strapping and PET strapping is much lower than composite cord strapping, and the enlongation is too large, aging degree is not good. Steel strapping is too hard to strapping and it is easy get rusty,no enlongation cause to instantaneous fracture. Composite cord strapping, woven cord strapping and hot melt strapping is soft, it's easy to strapping, the breaking strength as the same as the steel strapping, it is the best strapping solutions for industrial packaging.

Our one lashing strapping, composite cord strapping and woven cord strapping are DNV GL, ISO9001 certificated.

The top quality strapping  for perfect solutions

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